About Crimsonaut

Crimsonaut is a real time fiction drama about the first expedition sent to colonize Mars. The story is told from the inside. The systems engineer crew member Daniel J.R. III unveils the story through his diary that writes at the end of each day. But Daniel's expedition is not the only one heading to the red planet. Another twin spacecraft , the ESS Valkyrie, was sent two months before Daniel's lift-off to ensure mission success. But the communications with the other spacecraft were lost at the very same moment that Daniel lifted-off. Now the whole mission succes depends on Daniel's spaceship.
Onboard each spacecraft travels a 3 men and 3 women crew that will have to get along in a reduced space for the 180 days trip to the red planet. Isolation from Earth and fear to suffer the same luck as their twin spacecraft will have an important psychological effect on the crew. Also technical difficulties will arise soon and the crew will have to deal with them without ground support.
When everything goes wrong the hope of reaching the fully functional habitat in the red planet is what will keep the crew up and running. But will they get there?

Crew members:
  • Lt. Linda Green. Mission commander. American.
  • Akane Nakamura. Japanese.
  • Sandra Pearson. British.
  • Daniel Jefferson Redford III. American.
  • Igor Titov. Russian.
  • Frank Rosso. Italian-American.

The "Crimsonaut" will be unveiled through Daniel's diary at the end of each day and will try to maintain technical realism but with huge amounts of drama, keeping the reader engaged from lift-off to Mars landing and beyond.

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About the Authors
This story is co-authored by Eduardo Arrufat Reboso and Josep Virgili Llop, both students of Astronautics and Space Engineering MSc at Cranfield University (UK).

Contact info: crimsonaut@gmail.com